Profiling of Export Markets
This service enables us to describe export market attributes with regard to the target group of buyers. These characteristics typically include demographic factors such as income in the economy, geographic factors such as regions to be served, and psychographic factors such as values of the people and characteristic way of life.

Market Research
This is an important component of business strategy and involves our action in gathering useful and relevant information about target market, measurement of size and its potential.

Market Targeting & Linkages
Given that tea production in Kenya exceeds its local market base by an average of 400 million kilograms annually, the surplus tea needs to identify and target global markets to supply to. Market targeting involves our determination of your tea characteristics by production methodology and origin. This informs our ability to match consumer characteristic need and preference thereby concentrating our effort to capture the identified market segments.

Promotion & Penetration
Market promotion and penetration provides a service that seeks to communicate the message of Kenya’s tea to its potential customers in the world. We will design the message with specific content, in appropriate tone and format that suits each identified market segment that we intend to penetrate. Detailed strategies for promotion and penetration will be designed with variable of measuring results.

Tea Pricing
Tea pricing is a significant element in tea marketing that has been a subject of debate by Kenya’s tea stakeholders. Tea producers particularly are keen on achieving maximum returns for their investments. Tea is mainly traded in tea auctions around the world with Kenya’s main auction being the Mombasa Tea Auction. Other avenues available for tea trade include direct marketing and contact manufacturing. However, determination of the price itself is the biggest challenge, a solution that we continually seek.
Route to Market Strategies
This is a distribution function and channel management solution where we carry out detailed plans for tea logistics for local market and partnerships for export which encompass comprehensive route to market strategies. Our role will be to develop and implement the most productive ways of getting tea to the market so as to drive profitable growth and build sustainable businesses. Emerging markets, traditional markets and modern retail markets represent focus destination that tea factories and cottages will strategically navigate.

Value Addition for SMEs
Value addition in tea refers to the process in which tea products are enhanced to change its form to produce high quality end products. This will involve design and branding of tea by factory or cottage through smaller market offerings packaged relevantly to meet consumer’s needs.