Kenya Black CTC

Black CTC is the pride of our heritage. Kenya has manufactured Black CTC teas since 1930s that appeal to many drinkers globally. The continuous improvement and Organisation learning has seen Kenya produce premium tea that guarantees you a sip like no other.

Black CTC (Cut Tear Curl) process begins by withering leaf where leaf is spread on troughs or in a continuous withering chamber for up to 16 hours. The leaf is then taken through fermentation process for one and half hours then passed over a conveyor belt to the dryer chamber with hot air. The aim here is to reduce moisture to about 3% and turn its color from greenish to black.

Kenya’s CTC teas are graded into BP1, PF1 PD and Dust1. They grading is based on particle size. More frequently, these grades appeal to different markets too. The larger the particle size, the lighter the density and the liquor too. The smaller the particle size, the greater the density and the more the cup color. Off grades tend to have more fibre content and are classified as Fannings and Dust