How We Do It

We partner with tea factory/cottage owners with an aim of understanding their vision and mission of investment. Based on geographical location, available tea (acreage and cultivars) and feasibility of project, we provide information on tea technologies. This involves production methodology i.e. orthodox manufacture, green tea, purple tea and black CTC. Our advice is informed by our knowledge of global tea markets and how the factory and cottage can strategically position itself to serve specific markets.

Vital market information revolves around identifying the number of markets the factory/cottage can serve, carrying out market research, profiling and targeting such markets and establishing a comprehensive marketing strategy. We then interest global tea buyers in various locations with the offerings from the factory or cottage giving specific description of the tea in tea terminology and evaluating whether the tea will match their need. Our goal is to get those global buyers to commit to buy from such factories or cottage through strategic alliances, contract manufacturing or co-branding initiatives.

What follows is to facilitate the business connection where further discussions can take place; we provide the factory with basic knowledge about exporting business, logistics, shipping, contract law and party obligation. A most significant solution which is critical to both parties is tea pricing. We negotiate objectively for the best price based on quality of tea, weekly market reports, secondary market statistics, and results from quality determination & bench-marking through tea tasting and information sharing.