For Global Tea Buyers/Importers

We welcome you to the world of fresh premium and assorted Kenyan tea straight from the tea factory/cottage. Tea is our pride and heritage. A commodity that is well nurtured, and one that is close to the hearts of many farmers. This is your definite solution and an exceptional sourcing option that guarantees you access to first class range of teas those produced with the customer need in mind. The natural attributes of Kenya’s tea is our competitive advantage which cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world.

Our teas are unique in the following ways

  • Grown in high altitude (1500-2200mm) above sea level
  • Tropical Climate enabling continuous annual production with rich volcanic red soils.
  • Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs)-vegetative propagation of high-yielding well adapted clones/cultivars
  • No Chemicals
  • Regular use of fertilizer to replenish soil nutrients
  • High quality plucking standards
  • Good Manufacturing Standards adopted ensuring consistent product.
  • Compliant in voluntary sustainability standards certified by global bodies as Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade and UTZ.

We are seeking for global tea buyers/importers who can partner with us through

  • Contract manufacturing
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Co-branding partnership

…..for more information please contact us.