Core Values

Global Reach
Without limits, invest and reach out to global tea drinkers through a customer driven approach. Always communicating the message of our heritage, Kenya’s pure premium tea.

Resourceful and Realistic
To always develop our abilities; dealing skillfully and promptly with new situations, thereby collating practical and realistic information from the tea farms to consumer markets and vice versa.

Excellence and Passion
Endeavor to excel in superior service delivery, being enthusiastic and passionate to produce results that exceed our partner’s expectations.

Create opportunities and continuously share information that make others better in terms of knowledge and skills, helping them make decisions and solve their problems in a way that brings satisfaction and good quality of life.

Noble and Ethical
Being equitable, just and fair to all, operating in an environment where we encourage and practice high moral values portraying honesty, courage, honor and integrity to all our partners.

Responsibly manage our resources, our social and environmental risks, obligations and opportunities such that our work has minimum negative impact on global and local environment, community and the economy.