Tea Greens Kenya has been established to provide ultimate tea solutions that should result in market linkages and sustainable business partnerships. Kenya’s Vision 2030 identifies trade as one of the key drivers to industrialization by 2030. The Millennium Development Goals (MDG 8) focuses on developing Global Partnerships thereby giving international trade the indicators that are intended to improve market access for developing countries to the developed economy markets.

Tea Greens Kenya is keen to support these goals by developing processes for building lasting relationships through planning, executing and directing informed decisions with regard to tea commodity production, objective negotiation of tea pricing, promotion and distribution to create mutual exchange that satisfies tea producers and global buyers.

With progressive improvement in tea production by volume and quality, Kenya has achieved more in modernization of manufacturing technologies, diversification into new specialty tea (orthodox, green tea, purple tea and white tea). Further, it has been recognized as a global leader by voluntary sustainability standards (Rain Forest Alliance, Fair Trade and UTZ) on Ethical, Environmental and Social Sustainability. (IISD REPORT 2014)